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by Violet Fluid

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January 2016 - June 2016
Brick, NJ


released August 4, 2016

"This isn't love, it's only need."



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Violet Fluid Brick, New Jersey

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Track Name: Blood of a Lamb
fucked up, wasted
bleed me out

sulking child, zombie girl
sickness leave

dying lover, rotting skin
cut me free

see you falling, down to hell
best repent
Track Name: Everybody Says (You're Wrong)
alone in my mind
screaming at the walls
i've got names to say but
for another day

i'm not screwing around
lungs are caving in
we ain't got much time so
go ahead and say

hoping for someone to come and save me
from every long and aching day
it is useless to try and go on
everybody says you're wrong
Track Name: Wasted Love
i've said it once i'll say it twice
i tried so hard to care
my selfish mind and useless feeling
hurdling towards the sun
you're not a victim, not a victim
you are just insane
i'll claw my eyes out shut my mouth
i know it's much too late

wasted love, wasted love
don't want it but i need it still
wasted love, wasted love
don't want you but there's no one else

you drown my heart in guilt and
expect me to obey
the rotting flesh is sickening
i kiss it anyway
drinking poison just so i can
look you in the face
i'll never leave you, never leave you
i know this is my fate
Track Name: Lockheed
i walk alone in the dead of night
getting nearer to a cursed land
i see your face dripping with blood
i can't stop myself from reaching for your hand

i wake up cold and chained to a bed
with no memory of what's been done to me
i check my arm and can't find a pulse
now we live together for all eternity

for all eternity
Track Name: The Pathmaker
when you pay the rent and you go your way
when you know you've won and you pave the way
how the others try to trace your path
but they lose and only find the wolves

and i'm feeling fine
'cause i've found my ride
don't try to follow me
'cause you can't

crush out all the embers and start a new
but set your feet on fire first
destination i don't know
no one here to tell me where to go