Gunning Down the King

by Violet Fluid

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June 2016 - December 2016
Brick, NJ


released January 14, 2017

dedicated to high school drop-outs everywhere



all rights reserved


Violet Fluid Brick, New Jersey

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Track Name: Into the Breeze
i can't unsee your dead face
buried in the white lights
can not breathe inside of the fire
something that's not admired

birds that fly into the breeze
this is something that i need
you don't know what i know
you can't see what i don't show

going to a place i don't know
feeling like i will not soon leave
broke my neck i am a wreck
broke my neck
Track Name: All My Friends
i promise not to call you when i'm not myself
six years meant nothing
and i'm so used up
stroll around in the park after dark
summer nights
i should have never went out tonight but
i'm at peace

i wake up in the hospital
devil arms wrapped around me
my brain is in overload
doctor why'd you do this to me???

all my friends are married
to the drinking fairy
all my friends are buried
in the cemetery

the phantom with the tattle tongue licks my ear
a couple bottles later i will just forget
a rag doll in a suit and tie
buys your soul
a garden full of dead flowers
is my home

a situation gone awry
do you have a solution??!
everything is going dim
always in such confusion

all my friends are married
to the drinking fairy
all my friends are buried
in the cemetery
Track Name: Forever & Always
a broken heart that will not mend
the poison stream starts to run red
within the hour
bestow me with this soul to feed
this isn't love it's only need
dead little flower

an apparition in a wig
your prince charming is a pig
poison the well
you sold your soul to feed your greed
forever living with the fleas
we say "oh well"

you'll never hear the voice again
only waiting for your end
Track Name: Town By the Sea
a little town
by the sea
nobody likes to think they're not the king

i jump into
the old canal
the people come on by to watch me drown

i wash up on
the salt white beach
nothing left to do but burn alive

my feet begin
to melt away
scratching at my eyes begging to die

lightning bolts raining fire on the town
no mercy for the sinners left to weep

the sun will rise
again my dear
nobody will be to here to see it though
Track Name: God Bless This Corporation
you really fucked it up
hatred is a drug
feel like i'm floating now
way up in the clouds

you are not the king
we are not your sheep

god bless the U.S.A
open up and pay
suck you 'til your dry
there's no wrong or right

a toupee on a pig
don't it make you sick?
a brand new regime
nobody cause a scene

you are not the king
we are not your sheep

you don't care about us
we pull your chariot to the bank
we will fight
we will fight to keep our rights
we will fight
we will fight to keep the light

god bless the U.S.A
Track Name: Today the Day
today the day
we're falling deeper now
into the woods
i'd never thought that i'd
ever believe
that you would stay here
stay here with me

today the day
i don't know you and
i think you should leave
now i balance on
my broken teeth
drowning in this heart
full of disease

today the day
now the aliens
shine down their beams
and i beg to be
perfect like them
but i'm cursed to be
silent at their feet

thought that we'd escape
oh so wrong
thought that we'd belong
oh so wrong
Track Name: Nothing's Gonna Change
i will say it real slow
oh so slow
"the grass will grow"
grass will grow
you and i are no more
if we ever were
was it only a dream?
or a nightmare

nothing's gonna change
for me

is it all my fault?
for this curse?
iN yOuR bAcKyArDd
a spell was cast
i don't want to wake up
without you
i know life will go on
but i don't want to